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If you want to Sell any type of scrap metal for cash today. We show all Scrap Metal prices for Copper, Steel, Iron, Brass, Aluminium, Lead prices for Cable, Light Iron, Cast Iron, Scrap Cars, Scrap Vans and MOT Failure's available on request. Contact us today for local scrap metal prices and to arrange selling your scrap metal to one of the many scrap yards we are affiliated with today and in some cases to arrange free collection of your scrap metal.

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Scrap Metals are bought and sold daily throughout the UK, it is always recommended that you get at least 3 quotes before deciding which scrap yard is best to sell your metal to. Our price calculator will give you guidance on who is offering the best prices in your area, the prices shown are set daily Monday to Friday at 10.30 am each morning. The price you are offered for your metal should be based on these prices. Obviously no scrap yard will be offering the prices shown on our calculator, if they did they wouldn't be in business for long. I would expect quite a high percentage of the prices shown, probably around 90%. This allows 10% for the scrap yard to cover refining/melting costs and make a small profit. Scrap metal has become a lucrative business during recent years and the competition is big. This has forced many scrap yards to offer much higher prices than they had to 10 years ago.

Recycle Scrap Metal

Did you know?

If all scrap metal were recycled this would save 
90% of raw materials that are used today.

Water and Air pollution caused would be cut by 76 and 86% respectively.

These are just a couple of reasons to recycle scrap metal!

Remember when you sell your scrap metal to a scrap yard, not only are you cashing in on your waste, you are helping the environment.


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 When selling Scrap Metal in the uk, you will need to provide full identification. This is a new security measure introduced rightly so, by the government to reduce the theft of scrap metal and it has already significantly reduced.

Latest Scrap Metal News From Sell Scrap Metal

A scrap yard owner has just been jailed for allowing people to sell stolen scrap metal to his scrap yard. More info (credit to BBC News for story)